Prosthetics is the medical specialty of evaluating, fabricating, and custom fitting artificial devices, known as prostheses, that replaces a defective or missing body part. Prosthetic devices enhance the functionality of body parts and mobility to improve the quality of life for persons with limb loss or limb deficiencies simply by giving them the ability to perform normal daily activities independently.

Lower-limb prostheses (artificial legs/feet) might address cosmetic appearance and low impact activities such as standing and walking. However, technology and advancements in prosthetics allows these limb prostheses to address even high impact activities such as running, jumping and other athletic activities. Upper-limb prostheses (artificial arms/hands) enables daily living activities such as grasping, dressing and eating or occupational activities such as painting, lifting and hammering.

At North Metro, we understand that people are unique. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to fabricate unique prosthetic devices that are a combination of appropriate materials, design, construction and fit.

Upper extremity

  • Myoelectric Arms
  • Myoelectric Hands
  • Harness/Harnessing Systems
  • Cosmetic Upper Limb Prostheses

Lower extremity

  • Partial Foot
  • Symes Foot
  • Above Knee and Below Knee Prosthetics
  • The Harmony System
  • The C-Leg
  • C-leg Certified

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